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Unofficial Group Photo Compilation of 2021 Daffodil Princess Candidates (pictured in no official order).

Pierce County, WA – March 25, 2021 – Some traditions are too resilient to let wilt by these unprecedented times. The 88th year of the Pierce County Daffodil Festival commenced their 2021 selections behind computer screens this past winter – electing 23 stellar young women to serve as not only princesses but also ambassadors of Goodwill to Pierce County. Each princess shared a 1-minute speech on this year’s Daffodil theme, “Reach for your Star,” followed by answering an impromptu question. Similar to past years, the princesses will be making appearances at a multitude of events throughout the county, with added safety precautions. Some of these events include Princess Promenade on March 29th,  the Tacoma Yacht Club Marine Parade on April 18th, Queen’s Coronation on April 26th, and a stationary Daffodil Parade at the Washington State Fair Grounds on April 7th-11th & 14th-18th, sponsored by the Old Cannery. 

  The young women who were crowned are involved in a range of activities while also maintaining a GPA of 3.2 or higher. To their schedules, they’ll add a long list of community service, events, and appearances that’ll benefit Pierce County and the community in which they serve.


Introducing the 2021 Daffodil Royal Court:


Katie Rose Abegglen 

Puyallup High School 

Princess Katie is an aspiring documentary filmmaker who dreams of sharing her love of history with the rest of the world! She plans on studying Filmmaking at the University of York or Kings College London in the fall. Her love for the Daffodil Festival began when she volunteered as the 2019 production assistant for the Puyallup High School Daffodil selection. She looks forward to giving back to Pierce County’s diverse and fast-growing community while acting as the 2021 Puyallup High School Daffodil Princess.


Roslyn Addy

Franklin Pierce High School

Enjoying exploration and adventure, it’s no wonder why Princess Rosyln loves Pierce County. After graduation, she looks forward to attending her dream college, Chapman University. There, Roslyn plans on studying psychology. Through the festival, she hopes to inspire other young girls to become leaders of society, just like she was inspired while watching the princesses at the Daffodil Parade.


Ashley Barriga

Mount Tahoma High School

Princess Ashley is an academically driven individual who wants to give back to the community by becoming a teacher! Next fall, she plans on studying elementary education at either Pacific Lutheran University or Washington State University. Her positivity and kindness have led her to become Mount Tahoma’s 2021 Daffodil Princess.


Makesha Conzuelo

Foss High School

With community service as a pillar of her values, Princess Makesha is excited to serve as Foss High School’s 2021 Daffodil Princess. Makesha plans to study business at a four-year university next fall and use her knowledge of business to help others. Filled with Falcon spirit, she plans to bring more light to the great qualities and vast potential that Foss High School has through the Festival. Kindness, determination, and grit have helped pave Makesha’s journey and she is eager to use these skills for the betterment of Pierce County. 


Lucy Dysart

Graham-Kapowsin High School

Being a soccer player, of course, Princess Lucy has big goals. For the community, Lucy hopes to help every individual find their passion and shoot for the stars! For herself, Lucy will attend college next year and play NCAA women’s soccer. In her spare time, Princess Lucy coaches a girls’ soccer team and led them to victory at the championship! She is ready to use her skills and big heart as Graham-Kapowsin’s 2021 Daffodil Princess.  


Hailee Englehard

Emerald Ridge High School

Princess Hailee is an aspiring musician who looks forward to spreading words of encouragement throughout the community as the 2021 Emerald Ridge Daffodil Princess. With her Cello by her side, Hailee hopes to attend Gallaudet University after graduation. Eventually, she wants to make the performing arts more accessible to all groups by becoming an ASL concert interpreter.


Ava Fritz

Orting High School

Princess Ava is Orting High School’s 2021 Daffodil Princess. This fall, Ava looks forward to attending Pacific Lutheran University to earn a degree in nursing and eventually become a traveling nurse. Despite being Daffodil Princess, one of Ava’s biggest accomplishments is becoming Orting’s first female wrestler to place at the state championship! There is nothing Princess Ava loves more than making others smile. She is eager to use her caring nature and kind heart to make people’s day through the festival.  


Joie Goninan

Stadium High School

Reporting from Stadium High School is Princess Joie with the 2021 Daffodil Court. As a child, Joie acted as a reporter at the Junior Daffodil Parade for Pierce County’s Channel 12. Since then, Joie has been accepted into Washington State University, found a passion for non-profit marketing, and beat cancer! Princess Joie is excited to inspire others and spread cheer with the bright yellow dress. Despite being an astronaut, Princess Joie dreams of working in business and marketing for non-profit organizations.


Jewlieanna Granberry 

Lincoln High School

Princess Jewlieanna is a natural-born leader with aspirations to better her community as the 2021 Lincoln Daffodil Princess. Jewlienna doesn’t hesitate to stand up for what she believes in and strives to encourage other young girls to feel confident and speak their minds. After graduation, Jewlieanna plans on staying near Pierce County to earn a degree in nursing. After doing her part in the healthcare field, she plans to return to school; but this time in Law and Political Science. With this, she dreams of running for congress and uses her leadership skills to not only benefit Pierce County, but the entire country.


Haley Isom

Rogers High School

Princess Haley believes in the power of a smile. She wants to brighten people’s day through the Daffodil Festival and looks forward to being a positive role model for children in the community. After graduation, Haley will be attending a four-year university in the fall and eventually becoming an elementary school teacher.


Annie McAuliffe

Washington High School

As a Pierce County native, Princess Annie is excited to participate in the tradition of the Daffodil Festival and give back to the community that had provided her with so many fond memories. This fall, Annie hopes to attend Linfield College and double major in education and English, with a minor in psychology. She plans to use her degree to return to Washington High School and teach English. Despite her love of traveling, Pierce County has always been home for Princess Annie.


Angelina Mireles-Mazza 

Eatonville High School

From marching in the Daffodil Parade with her fellow bandmates, to wearing the iconic bright yellow dress, Princess Angelina is honored to act as Eatonville High School’s 2021 Daffodil Princess. With her dreams set on the healthcare field, she looks forward to attending Pacific Lutheran University this fall and study in their nursing program. From there, she’d like to eventually earn her Master’s degree and become a nurse practitioner. Princess Angelina wants to remind everyone that even though things are different this year, it is important to stay positive and be grateful for everything you have. 


Kelsey Monaghan-Bergson

Wilson High School

Princess Kelsey is a creative and innovative thinker who isn’t afraid of challenges. She looks forward to using her mind to create new ways for Pierce County to prioritize compassion while being Wilson High School’s 2021 Daffodil Princess. After graduation, Kelsey will attend the United States Air Force Academy to major in Behavioral Sciences while earning a minor in Russian. She then plans on attending medical school. Kelsey’s respect for diversity and passion for positive psychology will help her broaden the Daffodil Festival’s network and illustrate the multitude of opportunities within our community. 


Annabelle Pepin

Curtis High School

Princess Annabelle is a positive role model who is committed to spreading respect and happiness throughout the Pierce County community. Next fall, she will be a proud first-generation student and plans on majoring in political science at a four-year university. During her education, she hopes to study abroad in Spain and teach violin lessons to young children. Princess Annabelle believes in the power of self-respect and gratitude and hopes to spread these traits throughout our community acting as Curtis High School’s 2021 Daffodil Princess.   


Guadalupe Perez-Dolores

Sumner High School

Princess Guadalupe strives to empower all women of color in their pursuit of success by being a role model. Guadalupe’s proud heritage helps her gain the confidence to work hard in all of her endeavors, including becoming Sumner High School’s 2021 Daffodil Princess. She has been accepted to Pacific Lutheran University’s nursing school and looks forward to earning her degree while contributing to the percussion department. Taking an active role in the community, Guadalupe hosted the Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital Toy Drive and helped gather over 650 toys in a little over a month! She is excited to continue her participation with the community through the Daffodil Festival.


Kayala Purdie

Clover Park High School

When Princess Kayala isn’t spending time with her friends and family, you can find her snuggled up inside with a good book. Along with her passion for reading, Kayala also enjoys coaching the Clover Park Girls’ Wrestling Team. She loves encouraging her teammates to reach their goals and hopes to do the same for the Pierce County Community acting as the Clover Park 2021 Daffodil Princess. After graduation, Kayala hopes to attend the University of Washington and study Psychology while earning a minor in literature.


Karah Ritter

Fife High School

When Princess Karah moved to Pierce County, she fell in love with the friendly community that was found in the faces of her peers, teachers, and neighbors. Karah understands the power of bravery and the beauty of stepping out of your shell. She wants to encourage self-confidence to anyone who needs the reassurance that their community supports them. As Fife High School’s 2021 Daffodil Princess, Karah is excited to encourage others to reach for their dreams, even though they might be afraid. After graduation, Karah looks forward to attending Pacific Lutheran University to study psychology. 


Livy Sander 

Bethel High School

Despite these hard times, Princess Livy is eager to bring ambition and hope to Piece County while acting as Bethel High School’s 2021 Daffodil Princess. She will be attending Central Washington University this fall to study elementary education. She looks forward to inspiring other young girls to reach for their star as well – just like this year’s Festival theme. 


Lura Shultis

Lakes High School

Princess Lura is a creative young artist who is ready to use her skills as Lakes High School’s 2021 Daffodil Princess. Princess Lura plans to attend Brigham Young – Idaho in the fall and study theater. One day, Lura hopes to become an author or director. She loves using her creativity to entertain the world through a wide variety of artistry. From performing for over 500 people at a variety show to marching in the past Daffodil Parades with her fellow Lakes band members, she’s shining bright with her talent. 


Brynne Spicer

Bonney Lake High School

Princess Brynne is a kind-hearted young woman who is excited to give back to Pierce County’s diverse and growing population. She plans on attending Grand Canyon University online to pursue a dual degree in Early Childhood Education and Special Education. From there, she hopes to become a high school teacher. She looks forward to the different opportunities she’ll have to impact the community and represent her school as Bonney Lake’s 2021 Daffodil Princess. 


Szoi Stevens

Chief Leschi School

From admiring the Princesses as a young girl to sporting her very own yellow dress, Princess Szoi is honored to be selected as Chief Leschi’s 2021 Daffodil Princess. She hopes to attend a 4-year college directly after graduation and eventually become a surgeon. Szoi is currently captain of the Chief Leschi’s Cheer team and looks forward to adding more commitments and community service to her schedule through the Festival.


Mackenzie Sunde

Spanaway Lake High School

Princess Mackenzie is ready to continue making a positive impact on Pierce County that can help the younger generations of our community grow up with great hope and perseverance. With her positivity and family as her strength, Mackenzie strives to be a support for the community while acting as Spanaway Lake’s 2021 Daffodil Princess. She plans on attending a four-year university in the fall to major in business. No matter what, Princess Mackenzie wants you to know “you got this!” 


Liberty Tucker

White River High School

Princess Liberty is an active member of the Pierce County community, currently serving on her school’s Associated Student Body and also acting as a mentor and leader to young girls. She looks forward to containing her education at Arizona State University to attain a degree in biology and ultimately become a pediatrician. She is eager to use her role as the 2021 White River High School princess to better the community of Pierce County.



The Daffodil Festival has celebrated over 87 years in the great state of Washington, fostering the spirit and growth of Pierce County through its mission of bettering our local communities. Traditionally, the Grand Floral Street Parade travels through four Pierce County communities on Parade Day – Tacoma, Puyallup, Sumner and Orting.

The Daffodil Parade has marched through our great community every year since 1934, with the exception of the war years of 1943, 1944 and 1945, and well as 2020 due to the global pandemic. This year’s partnership with the Washington State Spring Fair will be the first “stationary” parade in the Daffodil Festival’s history to ensure the safety of our community members and beloved parade participants. 

Our Pierce County Community has viewed the Daffodil Festival as a premier headline event, second only to the Washington State Fair. The Daffodil Festival is proud to be a significant event in the Pacific Northwest.

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