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At a Pierce County Council Meeting on January 31, 2012, an official resolution was passed to name the Daffodil Festival Royalty, and future Royalty, as “Official Ambassadors of Pierce County.”   The announcement was first made by Councilman Rick Talbert at the Princess Promenade, and the girls were thrilled!

The Daffodil Festival has always held a special place in the heart of the Pierce County community, and this resolution provides a title that immediately elevates the status of the young women who make it all possible as representatives of their communities. The acknowledgement of their dedication to their leadership and community service, and the acknowledgement of the value of the work the girls perform every year.

During the 2012 Festival year, the Princesses made over 200 appearances and had thousands of hours of community services with organizations like the Boys and Girls Club, Pierce County Libraries, YMCA, Point Defiance Zoo, World Vision, Relay for Life, and the Emergency Food Network. Each year is only growing stronger, and it is with the benefit of titles like that of “Ambassador” that we are able to spread the love of Pierce County all over the Pacific Northwest.