Queen's Coronation

Sunday, March 27th, 2022
4:30 pm Entry
5 pm Coronation Begins
Silas High School
1202 N Orchard St
Tacoma, WA 98406

Entry is FREE to the public along (pre register below to ensure you have a seat!)
Possible LIVE STREAM option via Facebook for those who cannot make it in-person.
Cookie & Booklet Pre-Order Option Below.
Pins and Merchandise may be available for purchase at the door in limited quantities.
Donations always welcome.

The Queen’s Coronation is a very special celebration for the Daffodil Festival and the Princesses of the Royal Court. All 23 Princesses participating in the Royalty program have been selected by their schools and communities to serve as ambassadors of the Daffodil Festival and Pierce County.

This evening, a Queen will be chosen to reign over the many Festival activities throughout the year. Each will be judged on her academic standing, speaking ability, appearance, sociability, speech content, Festival awareness, impromptu speaking ability and attitude. By the end of the evening, one Princess will be chosen who has demonstrated these characteristics at an exemplary level to reign as Queen of The Daffodil Festival!

Scholarships Granted By: The Daffodil Festival Scholarship Foundation (Princesses), Tacoma Yacht Club (Miss Congeniality), and Washington State Fair Foundation (Queen’s Scholarship).

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