About the Festival

The Daffodil Festival has celebrated over 90 years in the great state of Washington, fostering the spirit and growth of its home, Pierce County, through its mission of bettering the communities in which it finds its roots.

Our Mission Statement
The Daffodil Festival is dedicated to provide Pierce County with community service, leadership training, educational opportunities . . .  and four fantastic parades!

Our Core Values
Commitment to Education
Active Membership and Volunteers
Inspiration from Community Service
Development and Training of Leaders

Our Vision Statement
The Daffodil Festival will become one of the most influential service and leadership development organizations while serving as Ambassadors of Pierce County through our Festival and Royalty Program.

Our Key Strategy
Actively serve and promote to our eight narrowly defined target constituencies: General Public, Sponsors, Partner Organizations, Membership, Donors, Municipalities/Governments, Royalty and their Families.



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