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March 6, 2021



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The Daffodil Festival Announces 2021 Event Dates

Pierce County, WA – March 6, 2021– Like the flowers themselves, The Daffodil Festival shows tenacity with the return of events in 2021. See below for this year’s official Daffodil Festival events:


DAFFODIL PARADE: APRIL 7-11 & 14-18, 2021

Washington State Spring Fair, Puyallup, WA

The Daffodil Festival returns with a  “Stationary Parade” next month, in concurrence with the Washington State Spring Fair on April 7-11 and 14-18, 2021 hosted on the Washington State Fairgrounds. With the theme “Reach for Your Star”, the Daffodil Festival will hold a modified rendition of the traditional Daffodil Parade, where the 2021 Daffodil Festival Royal Court, local and visiting parade float entries, school bands, and other familiar favorites will dazzle and perform for your enjoyment as you drive through the grounds.

This event replaces the traditional Daffodil Parade to ensure compliance with COVID-19 safety guidelines and current local mandates to protect the health and safety of our community. 

Online ticket reservation required ahead of time. To reserve your carload entry and learn more about the event, please visit:  

To participate in the Stationary Parade with a display, float, or performance, please visit:
Submissions are due by March 24. 

For more information or questions about entry, please contact [email protected] 

To tag event images and posts, please tag @DaffodilFestival on Facebook and Instagram, and hashtag #DaffodilFestival2021


Farm 12 Restaurant and Events, Puyallup, WA

Closed Event – Live Stream TBD via Facebook Page (@daffodilfestival)

Princess Promenade initiates the official reign of The Daffodil Festival’s Royal Court each year. Following the crowning ceremony, each candidate will proudly be presented as an official Daffodil Princess and a Pierce County Ambassador. This will be the Royal Court’s first appearance in their full regalia!



Tacoma, WA

Facilitated by the Tacoma Yacht Club

The Tacoma Yacht Club hosts the Daffodil Royalty and dozens of other yachts and marine vessels in the Daffodil Marine Parade. Beginning at the TYC, near the Point Defiance Ferry Terminal, the Parade continues along the waterfront to the Thea Foss Waterway in Downtown Tacoma, which makes for more than one beautiful place to stay dry landside to watch the parade and enjoy the Festival’s beautiful day on the water.

For more information, please visit:



Farm 12 Restaurant and Events, Puyallup, WA 98372

Closed Event – Live Stream TBD via Facebook Page (@daffodilfestival)

The Queen’s Coronation is a very special celebration for the Daffodil Festival and the Princesses of the Royal Court. All 23 Princesses participating in the Royalty program have been selected by their schools and communities to serve as ambassadors of the Daffodil Festival and Pierce County.

This evening, a Queen will be chosen to reign over the many Festival activities throughout the year. Each will be judged on her academic standing, speaking ability, appearance, sociability, speech content, Festival awareness, impromptu speaking ability and attitude.  By the end of the evening, one Princess will be chosen who has demonstrated these characteristics at an exemplary level to reign as Queen of The Daffodil Festival!

Please tag The Daffodil Festival via @DaffodilFestival for Facebook and Instagram.  Please use #DaffodilFestival2021 for this season’s events.


The Daffodil Festival has celebrated over 87 years in the great state of Washington, fostering the spirit and growth of Pierce County through its mission of bettering our local communities. Traditionally, the Grand Floral Street Parade travels through four Pierce County communities on Parade Day – Tacoma, Puyallup, Sumner and Orting.

The Daffodil Parade has marched through our great community every year since 1934, with the exception of the war years of 1943, 1944 and 1945, and well as 2020 due to the global pandemic. This year’s partnership with the Washington State Spring Fair will be the first “stationary” parade in the Daffodil Festival’s history to ensure the safety of our community members and beloved parade participants. 

Our Pierce County Community has viewed the Daffodil Festival as a premier headline event, second only to the Washington State Fair.  The Daffodil Festival is proud to be a significant event in the Pacific Northwest.


Daffodil Festival Royalty

The Daffodil Royal Court is made up of 23 senior ladies from participating Pierce County High Schools. Throughout their year with the Festival, Princesses gain many invaluable lessons and experiences, developing public speaking skills, tact and poise while also gaining self-confidence through the interactions they have with their community. Princesses also receive a scholarship via the Daffodil Festival Scholarship Foundation.

The Royalty program benefits the Princesses in many ways, from developing the confidence and poise necessary to speak in front of a crowd, to learning how to organize their time to fit everything into an incredibly tight schedule. They learn social graces that will enable them to serve diverse communities in Pierce County as well as have the opportunity to meet and interact with people of all ages, economic levels, and different lifestyles, from local community and government leaders, to children.. Most importantly, they build a lifetime of beautiful memories, shared with 22 other young women experiencing the magic of the Daffodil Festival right alongside them.

Even in the summer months, the Daffodil Princesses are still working, as they travel to events (be it virtually or in-person) carrying the title of Official Ambassadors of Pierce County, as bestowed on them by the Pierce County Council.


Official Ambassadors of Pierce County

At a Pierce County Council Meeting on January 31, 2012, an official resolution was passed to name the Daffodil Festival Royalty, and future Royalty, as “Official Ambassadors of Pierce County.”

During the 2012 Festival year, the Princesses made over 200 appearances and had thousands of hours of community services with organizations like the Boys and Girls Club, Pierce County Libraries, YMCA, Point Defiance Zoo, World Vision, Relay for Life, and the Emergency Food Network. Each year is only growing stronger, and it is with the benefit of titles like that of “Ambassador” that we are able to spread the love of Pierce County all over the Pacific Northwest.


To learn more about the Daffodil Festival and view official updates, please visit:

Please direct any questions to: [email protected]


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