tall-donateAs the 87th year of the Daffodil Festival gets underway, consider including the Daffodil Festival in your donation plans. The donations we have received in recent years have allowed us to continue the traditions of our annual festival, with support going to produce the only Festival in the nation that has “four parades in four cities” all in one day!

Our Royalty Leadership program has helped hundreds of young women in developing life skills in order to become successful in their future endeavors.  It takes significant resources for the dresses, clothing and the many components that are needed to equip the 23 Princesses that will become this year’s Ambassadors.

Members of The Daffodil Festival and our Royalty are Ambassadors for Pierce County, representing our local communities at service organizations, schools, and festivals throughout the year. What started as a celebration of spring has become a year-round salute to the communities of Pierce County.