(Rev. 9/2021)

The Daffodil Festival prioritizes the health and safety of our Princesses, members, and the community we serve. We are committed to comply with all health and safety regulations as mandated by the State of Washington and the Pierce County Health Department.


The Daffodil Festival does not mandate that royalty, members, or volunteers be vaccinated.

Masking & Sanitization

Unvaccinated princesses, members, and guests of all Daffodil Festival sanctioned events are required to wear a face mask that covers the mouth and nose at all times. Those who are vaccinated may wear or remove a mask at their own discretion, so long as it is in compliance with the guidelines of State & Local Mandates and regulations – at times a mask must be worn where required in certain venues, regardless of vaccination status. In all instances, social distancing must be observed where possible.

Temperatures may be taken and contact tracing applied to all of our official events. Proper and frequent hand washing is promoted and hand sanitizer available at all times.

Although many royalty appearances will be virtual, an increasing number of in-person appearances may be made, and only if the venue is in compliance with all health and safety mandates. We ask our supporters and followers to please observe these same rules of distancing and mask usage when in proximity to our royal court members and volunteers.

Thank you for your understanding and compliance during these unprecedented times.

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