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Royalty Appearance Request

In order to request the Daffodil Festival Royalty to appear at your event, organization or meeting, please fill out this form completely. A representative will contact you with additional questions or a confirmation within 3 days. Thank you!
    Notice: The entire Royal Court do not appear at every event requested. Most appearances are accomplished by one or two car groups. Each car group will arive with a chaperone.
    If yes, please plan for chaperone meals.
  • Will this appearance include ANY pageant participants/winners or fictional/pretend princesses?
  • Option 1: Appearances with a Firm Time and Date

    These are appearances where time and date are preset and unmovable. (ex. Meetings, Auctions, Events)
  • :
    Royalty will always arrive in advance.
  • Option 2: Appearances with a Flexible Time and Date

    These are when time and date are not as important. (ex. Retirement Community, Elementary School, Promotional Appearance)
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