Royalty Appearances

The Daffodil Royalty may have started out as pretty girls in a Parade, but have grown to be young women taking an active part in the development of their community, always serving the people of Pierce County with a smile.

Each Princess represents one of 23 participating high schools in the Pierce County area, investing time and effort during their senior year of high school to reach out to the community through service, public appearances, and ambassadorship, beyond being a highlight of the Daffodil Parade each spring. Far from a pageant, these amazing young women are selected from their high schools based on their status as demonstrated representatives of leadership and academic success.

The diversity represented by each Daffodil Court ranges as wide as the communities they represent. The Princesses supply the sunshine, while the Festival helps them develop the poise, confidence, and heart for service that they already possess, to better represent themselves and the communities they care so much about.