Becoming a Daffodil Princess


The journey to build each Festival year’s Royal Court begins in September, when the 23 participating high schools around Pierce County start the Selection process to choose their Princess representative.

Any high school located within the boundaries of Pierce County may be invited to apply to participate in the Festival, and the authority to do so is vested in the Board of Directors. Each school is limited to one Princess representative, and is held responsible for the orderly and timely selection of their Princess, with each candidate being judged under the same criteria.

High Schools invited to participate must meet the following requirements during the Festival year:

  • 1)  Advise the Festival’s Board of Directors by the first of September of their desire to participate and their willingness to follow these requirements.
  • 2) Enter a float in the previous year’s Grand Floral Parade on behalf of the participating school district permitted to have a Princess.

Each participating high school’s Princess Selection is open to the public and may involve other students in the school. Current participating high school includes Bethel, Bonney Lake, Chief Leschi, Clover Park, Curtis, Eatonville, Emerald Ridge, Fife, Franklin Pierce, Graham Kapowsin, Henry Foss, Lakes, Lincoln, Mt. Tahoma, Orting, Puyallup, Rogers, Spanaway Lake, Stadium, Sumner, Washington, White River, and Wilson.