Sponsor Information

group_portraitThe Daffodil Festival enjoys the support of many generous sponsors each year.  These sponsors have an opportunity to market their business alongside a community organization that enjoys tremendous goodwill. The creative approach of integrating our marketing efforts and out-of-the-box promotions make the Daffodil Festival a great strategic partner for companies interested corporate responsibility and supporting efforts within their own communities.


Integrated Benefits

  1. Development of strong face-to-face communication
  2. Integrated Marketing Efforts
  3. Share in the goodwill from the Daffodil Festival to the Sponsor
  4. Gain visibility from the Sponsor’s current reach
  5. Increase Brand Awareness and Core Values
  6. Reinforcing the local and community brand of the Daffodil Festival
  7. Creating a Distribution Network for Promotional Items
  8. Increasing the Information and Promotion Channels in the community.


For more information, please email daffodilfestivaloffice@gmail.com.