The Daffodil Festival Board of Directors was organized in 1934, tasked with conducting the business of the Daffodil Festival, including putting on special Festival events and providing the financial base for Festival obligations. The Daffodilians were originally organized in 1965 as a separate group, serving as the official Hosting and Visitation unit of the Puyallup Valley Daffodil Festival.

In the Fall of 1996, the two organizations merged into one, calling themselves the Daffodilians.  Currently, the governing body of the Daffodilians, known as the Board, consists of four elected officers and the Past President (Executive Board Members), five Directors, and five At-Large Board Members.

The Daffodilians are responsible for increasing support and participation in the Festival, putting on special Festival events and providing the financial base for Festival obligations.  Other responsibilities are to welcome and host dignitaries and guests from other festivals, take the traveling float to out-of-town festivals, serve as escorts for the Queen and her court, as well as honor guard for the Queen and her float.

Become a proud member of the Daffodil Festival family, by becoming a Daffodilian! Take part in community involvement, help foster leadership development, and have some good old-fashioned fun await as a member of this bright bunch. Who else can proudly point out a Princess in the Parade, and say that you helped them get to where they are now? Make a difference in the futures of Pierce County’s youth today!