Mentor the Best

A key component of mentoring Princesses is provided through our Royalty Chaperone Program.

chap-1Royalty Chaperones provide transportation, guidance, and support, while serving behind the scenes.  They make a commitment to serve in a capacity that is rewarding and will make a positive impact in the lives of Daffodil Princesses.  They guide and shape our next generation of leaders.

Each year we look for special ladies who would like to join our Royalty Chaperone Program.   To qualify, she must be of legal age with a valid Washington State driver’s license and proof of auto insurance.  She must be willing to dedicate some time to taking a car group of Princesses to and from appearances, and stay at that event to be a guardian for the Princesses.

chap-2If you would be interested, or know of someone willing to serve as a Royalty Chaperone, please contact us at 253-840-4194 or email us at  Appearances begin in February and relationships will last a lifetime.